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So I did something today....

I created a Facebook group! CHRISTINA ELLE'S CLASSY & CRAZY BROADS!  If you know me and/or have read any of my books, I'd say it's a fitting title, don't you?? 😜

Where are my classy & crazy broads like me? 😘

But wait, can you be both CLASSY and CRAZY?

Yes, my dear. You absolutely can be both. In fact, I pride myself on that distinction every single day.  

DEFINITION: A classy and crazy broad appreciates the finer things in life like designer handbags and a good Pinot. She strives to be positive every day. And she carries herself with confidence and poise.  But, she isn't stuck-up or stuffy.  She loves to have fun and laugh. . . A LOT. Her humor usually leans a bit sarcastic and off-kilter. A classy and crazy broad tends to chuckle at jokes that stretch right up the line of what is decent and indecent (let's face it, indecent is more fun). Not only does she love to laugh, but she gets the biggest kick out of making others laugh with her off-the-wall comments. Bottom line: she never takes life too seriously. 

See, classy and crazy! 

If that describes you, then let's get together and chat about my books and characters, and let me SPOIL YOU with exclusive EXCERPTS and GIVEAWAYS!!

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