***UPDATE:  This was a novella that released in an anthology in 2017. That anthology is no longer available for purchase.  But I will be re-releasing ANYWHERE WITH YOU in 2018!  Stay tuned!  More details to come!***

Surprise! Not only is IN WALKED TROUBLE, the second novel in my Under Covers romantic suspense series, coming out this summer, but I also have a novella releasing, too!  (They are releasing within one day of each other, so be prepared to get your Christina Elle fill!)

4-resting beach face.png

I was asked by four really talented authors to participate in an anthology that centered around exotic locations.  Uh, destination love?? Count me in!  It was a no brainer for me to do because I got to write about one of my favorite things -- the beach!!

And so. . . ANYWHERE WITH YOU was born!

Here's the blurb:

Teegan Michaels has attended six weddings for her sorority sisters dateless and she refuses to go to the last one alone. Not when she has a perfectly respectable—not to mention hot—NFL player ready to save her from humiliation. Who cares that he’s the bride’s ex-fiancé and only wants to go for revenge? What's the worst that could happen?

Sounds fun, right? It was a blast to write. Since it's a novella, it's much shorter than my usual full-length novels, so it's the perfect read while you're on vacation! I can't wait for you to check it out. 

It releases on Tuesday 1 August, but it's up for preorder now as part of the DESTINATION: LOVE anthology. We're donating 20% of ALL sales to an organization called Final Salute Inc., who provide housing for homeless women veterans and their children. It's a really great cause, and we're excited to do our part to help. For a limited time, you can pick up ALL FIVE stories in the anthology for $0.99!

Want to read more? Maybe check out some promo teasers with some excerpts from the story? Head over to my ANYWHERE WITH YOU page for more information!

Preorder now!

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I hope you have an AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL and SUNNY summer!