The Man I Want To Be

Book 3 | Under Covers series

Releasing February 26, 2018

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Bryan Tyke hates weddings. He hates them even more when he's forced to travel to a hot as hell beach location to watch his best friends say I do and 'til death do us part, while acting happy about it. He isn't happy. Not in the slightest. If those pinheads want to buy into happily ever after, good for them. That isn't in the cards for Tyke. It hasn't been for a long time. He walked out on the possibility more than a decade ago without ever giving the lucky lady a reason why. She would've forgotten him by now. Which was good since he never planned on seeing her again. That is, until she shows up unexpectedly at the same remote Caribbean resort and puts herself into immediate danger.

Kenna McCord doesn't have time to hate Bryan for never coming back to her all those years ago. She has bigger issues. Someone is stealing personal mementos from wedding guests, to include her late mother's sapphire ring, and Kenna needs to find the thief ASAP. So she reluctantly agrees to let Bryan use his investigative skills, knowing full-well it will lead to nothing but frustration and more broken promises. But when a glimmer of the loving, thoughtful man Bryan used to be emerges, Kenna starts to imagine that maybe, just maybe, they can have a second chance at forever.

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