Bring The Cuffs

Book 2 | Waverly Falls series

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Gwen Faraday is turning thirty and she needs a major life change. She’s a cashier at the local Save A Lot and it’s pretty…lackluster. Even her usually active dating life has fizzled out. She’s in a rut and the only logical solution is a fresh start with a new career. So when she overhears that Waverly Falls needs a police dispatcher, and it’s the only job in this tiny town she qualifies for, she’s interested. Only problem--she and the police chief don’t see eye to eye. It might have something to do with the fact that they had a night of amazing, mind-blowing sex and then he never called the next day. Or the day after. Or the day after that. If she’s going to make something of her future, she’s going to have to forget about Mr. Hot in Handcuffs and ignore the way he gets under her skin on an almost daily basis.

Sheriff Reid Lawson has too much responsibility. After his dispatcher-slash-secretary put in her retirement paperwork, the police station has been in complete upheaval, and he’s the one covering until a replacement is found. As if that’s not enough, he’s stuck with an infuriating blond dispatching him to crazy calls just to get back at him for their one-night-stand. If he’s going to survive this summer, he’s going to have to endure Gwen’s wrath and figure out a way to soften her up. But what starts out as a simple I’m sorry, quickly turns into something a whole lot more…

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