Where There's Fire

Book 1 | Waverly Falls series

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Aspiring romance author Maggie Spencer needs to steam up her novel if she’s going to win Scorch Publishing’s biggest contest. Only problem: she doesn’t know the first thing about sex. She’s done it, she knows how it works, but her previous partners—all two of them—weren’t even remotely earth-shattering. Maggie needs someone who can turn her inside out and teach her how to burn up the sheets. But gossip in the small coastal town spreads fast, so Mr. Right Now has to keep his mouth shut about their “training.” There’s one candidate who fits that criteria—the only man Maggie has ever wanted, but can’t have.

If Will Embry is going to win the election for Fire Chief of Waverly Falls, he needs to maintain a pristine public image. It’s been difficult enough keeping his grandmother from physically fighting with her life-long archenemy, Betty Spencer. So when Betty's granddaughter, Maggie, asks for Will’s help in the carnal sense, he’s against the idea. After all, it could mean WWIII if their grandmothers find out. But there’s always been something about Maggie and her sweet personality that has Will craving the forbidden. And it just might cost him more than his heart.

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