Start My Heart

Book 3 | Waverly Falls series

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Part-time EMT Evan Tremayne hates women. Well, not all women. Just the one who broke his heart into a million pieces and then fled town, leaving him to the tend the rundown bar they own together. She’s been sending legal forms for him to sign so they can sell the place, but he’s not having it. If she wants to get rid of The Only Bar In Town, she’ll have to bring her narrow ass to Waverly Falls and face him directly. 

Everything turned up roses for Alex Beech after she escaped the tiny coastal town she grew up in.  She has a great life  in the big city and is engaged to an even greater guy. But before she can say I do, she needs to take care of one teeny tiny task: forcing her ex into selling their bar and cutting ties once and for all. Won’t be easy since every time her lawyer sends the paperwork for Evan to sign, he sends it back with a big F U on the signature line. So now Alex is back in Waverly Falls with papers in hand, ready to convince her ex to comply by any means necessary. If only Evan would stop making her remember how great they were and how much she loved the man she left behind. 

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